• August 17, 2017 at 8:00 pm #7725
    S. L. Ozbun

    I’m looking for a couple people who are both very passionate and very knowledgeable about end times prophecy and Hebraic heritage to write articles for Scripture and Prophecy. If you’ve been wanting to blog and share your ideas, and your also able to properly edit your own work. Then please reach out to me.

    While you will be simply donating your time and talent for the Kingdom of God, you will receive authorship credit for the articles you submit.


    Must be able to intelligently write and edit proper English.
    Must be well versed in End Times Prophecy & The Scriptures
    It’s preferred that you come from a Hebraic heritage world view
    Must believe that Jesus in the Messiah and that he will literally rule on earth for one thousand years


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