• By your prayers and by the Holy Spirit that Christ sends all of his believers not only with prayer but a baptism of course once we were submerged underwater we died with Christ once we came up we were a new creation the oldest past the new is here where baby Christians and hopefully some of us are not using milk anymore we’ve graduated to meet like Paul writes about just want to say that…Read More

  • Not much my fellow Christians Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus just underwent a partial hip replacements on the 11th of this month excruciating pain I just had my 4th back fusion March 28th five levels still recovering from that and they tell me that I have a necrosis of both of my bilateral hips and I underwent the partial hip replacement on the right leg on September 11th 80% chance…Read More

  • Not much just enjoying the podcast that Sean does daily God bless him and hope that God will guide him through this journey to tell us the truth that the church does not tell us they water down the truth and tell us what are each ears want to hear but not the truth of the word which Sean does so God bless him

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