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    well Sean I’ve been with your podcast since May 22nd of 2017 and I am truly blessed by the holy spirit that I did not run into this by coincidence one day as I was going through YouTube to listen to the Newsboys. I have become a patreon to your website and God has sown a seed in my heart to tithe to your ministry monthly and I have been able to do this this far for 2 months in a row I feel that you are led by God to tell us the truth and wake up the old sleeper as Paul talks about in his writings as I once was a sleep myself and battled drug addiction for 26 years of my life I love Jesus but I did not know how to quit using the narcotics which Satan had set a trap upon me and my soul and kept me in bondage show on October 10th 2014 I was in a hotel room and I turned my life over to Jesus Christ and did the sinner’s prayer ask them to come into my heart and live with me told him I was a SINER, of the worst kind. and ask Jesus to forgive me of all my sins and to help me stop the pornography pills, cocaine, and the methamphetamines. plus the fascination of renting escorts and partying with them the lust of a woman which is evil. so as I was praying like I’ve never heard before and crying like I never cried before I’ll ask Jesus Christ to remove the obsession ant remove the drug lifestyle that I mentioned in my post and I’ve never looked back since that day I’m truly blessed and I thank Jesus Christ for sending me from the bondage of Satan and the generational curse that goes through the four generations deep I tried over 16 major surgeries that’s far throughout my whole musculoskeletal system I’m 44 years old of age March 28th was my Forth, back surgery 5 level back fusion and on September 11th had a partial right hip replacement and I still need to do the left side as well due to the necrosis of my musculoskeletal system on October 27th of this month I have to go and undergo my third neck fusion so please Christian brothers and sisters please keep me in prayer that all goes well and I have a fast recovery I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ Our Father God. God bless you all and keep the faith going. Your friend Constantine the Greek.

    • Thank you for sharing your story friend. I am praying for you, that healing would come to you quickly. Shalom and God bless.

      • thank you so very much Sean you are a blessing and a delight to wake up to every morning. There’s days that I can’t seem to function or have the enemy that’s in my ear wanting to bring me down and put me under a deep state of depression. But I look forward to getting up every morning God willing and having a cup of coffee or two and listening to your podcast that’s food for my soul I want you to know that. I believe you’re very blessed and this is what you have been called for. I have learned more in the last 6 months from your podcasts, then I have learned at church from the last 12 years including the Bible studies. So many times at the Bible studies that I go to, which usually angers me because a woman is usually in charge of it lately, and I feel like did they not read Paul’s writings Corinthians and Timothy about women should be silent in church and not be teachers or am I wrong on that? are you able to answer that question for me when you get time I know you are busy. but how come there is so many women preachers or pastors now in these Church God’s word is clear through Paul’s writings. So what the Bible study was that woman teaches, which by the way I don’t want to go to that church or go to that bible study, every time I would share the scriptures misread or Twisted to fit her Doctrine on what she wanted to teach. I would raise my hand and she would never ever pick on me. and can you believe she did not like that I was Greek. And you know as well as I do about the Apocrypha, and the New Testament writings all come from Greek!!. so this is what I am finding out about the church’s here in Vegas and about the lukewarm Bible studies. so this is why Monday through Friday I listen to your podcasts and do my own Bible study. Saturday for Mia holy where I don’t do nothing except praise the Lord and, read the Bible because Saturday is the Sabbath correct. so I feel like you I don’t even want to go to church because it’s all fake???? and believe it or not every time I’m either on your podcast or sending you a message my phone will not stop ringing or there’s every major distraction from getting me to get my point across to you. it’s the Devil Himself the enemy the powers that are dark that we fight against not flesh and blood. guess what my Christian brother friend I do not give up easy I’m a fighter it’s instilled in me I’m 100% Greek, and I’m not going to let the enemy win I love Christ Jesus so much, but I would lay my life down today for him if that’s what I was up against. and I love Jesus more than my kids more than my ex wives more than my friends and more than my family. should believe this I am majorly being prosecuted by the enemy the devil and going through some major health issues but praise be to God all things work to The Good the ones who love Christ Jesus, God bless you and if you ever get time I would like to go ahead and talk to you but I know you’re busy but please text me back on this message if you would on the questions that I asked, thanks again Constantine