• Constantine posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    God bless you Sean and your podcast thank you for today’s podcast I just finished last week’s John chapter 1 chapter 2 the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ when Gabriel came to give Mary the good news that she’s going to have a son named Jesus thank you for everything that you do please keep me in prayer I am struggling body-wise with excruciating pain my back is on fire because of the five level back fusion I had on March 28th I also had he partial hip replacement on September 11th and on October 27th which was a Friday I had a 2 level neck fusion with decompression so I am in excruciating pain especially on my right side please keep me in prayer for I know anybody wants to keep me down and keep me quiet and not want to do any podcasts and feel sorry for myself and laying in bed but as you know and I know that all good things come from above and this is the enemy targeting my body was pain please keep me in prayer brother God bless you keep on doing what you’re doing you’re a Greek friend Constantine in Vegas