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    hello my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus I just wanted to say hello wish everyone a Happy New Year and pray for our nation and pray that we shine like a lights in the midst of the dark days that we live in. I just would ask for a little simple prayer from my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, I ended up back at the ER on the 27th until the 29th of this month due to Major chronic back issues, and they’re telling me thus far that due to all the major surgeries, that I had this year since March which are three my 5 level back fusion the first one to begin, the 2nd on September the 11th was hip surgery due to necrosis of my right hip, and the Third on October 27th of this year was, a 3 level neck fusion because of a pinched nerve which causes my arms to go numb. and come to find out on the 18th of January, I have to go see a gastroenterologist, due to an ileus, which means my large intestine is Twisted into a knot, so I am unable to eat solid foods, and I have to use enemas and laxatives to go to the bathroom, and this has been a daily ritual now for almost 8 months, so I asked for prayers that the surgeon who will operate on me. that God the Father will guide his hand and allow him to do a good job because it is a dangerous surgery. I’ve been told once they do surgery in your intestines it is dangerous because, if they don’t completely fix it and you have a leakage in your intestine, basically your intestine will poison your whole body and shut down your kidneys and you can die from that. DUE TO THE feces, poisoning your body. so I ask for your prayers God bless you Constantine