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    I Love Shawn’s podcast on the reading, about Joseph and how in one day God restored everything to him and made him in charge of the food during the famine in chapter 40 and 41. I Constantine, learn something today from Sean that is very important to me and that is, that I have had two consecutive dreams back to back, that is reassuring me that this dream is going to come to pass and that it is from God just like Sean says. Now my dreams began last week and I had the first Dream, last Saturday, and before I started dreaming again, I had gotten down on my knees in my room where my prayer closet is with the door closed, and had asked God to restore the dreams that he has given me I have had the ability from God the Father, to be blessed with a spiritual gift of dreaming and having my dreams come true, and the amazing thing about this now is that I am able to interpret the dreams with God’s help. and the amazing thing is after every dream it comes to pass within the third day. so I ask for your prayers my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, that God the Father will allow me to keep on having dreams, and to be able to interpret them I ask this in Jesus name amen and God bless you all Constantine. and thanks again Sean for the podcast about Joseph, and power of God to change a circumstance in our lives in one day as long as we have faith in him and seek him first. God does promise that all things shall be added on to us. God bless you all from Las Vegas Nevada, peace and love to my brothers and sisters amen