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    hello to my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ this is Constantine and I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope that God the Father will give you the desires of your heart knowing that the only way to get to the father is through Jesus Christ himself. I wanted to pray for all the people who are going through the brutal cold especially where Sean is at and all the people across America who are out there on the streets, with no clothing food and shelter. and so many of us who profess themselves to be Christians real followers of Jesus. don’t even take the time to get a sleeping bag a box of food or a blanket for someone less fortunate then themselves. my prayer is that since we are in the last days and that’s what my spirit feels because of the sign of the times, Jack God the Father through Jesus would raise up his soldiers Real Men of God, who are not lukewarm, but are on fire for our Lord. and that these true men of God that God is called before the foundations of the Earth where ever created for this time in our lives at this moment, wood stand up and start speaking the truth and not sugar coating the Bible or the doctrine that is being taught in churches. at this moment in my life I have righteous anger and that is okay by God as long as I don’t sin over it. so I am praying for a Revival of these true Christian believers who follow the law and also follow Jesus daily and give up everything to follow him. not following or worrying about the world’s cares if you know what I mean. for the time is short and it is at hand today is the day of salvation not tomorrow, for tomorrow is not guaranteed for no man. so I pray that all my brothers in Christ Jesus will pray for what I’ve asked for so we can rise up and make a difference, for the kingdom of God. Referring to a little less talking and alot more action, putting on our armor daily and doing God’s will to the best of our abilities!!!!!!!777. God bless all of you from Las Vegas Nevada Constantine