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    This is Constantine, I am sorry I haven’t been on a couple days, please keep me in prayer my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ! For not only am I dealing with health issues back neck hip and on top of that gastroenterologist and neurologist all at once. From my account bank account credit card PayPal and Facebook messenger and everything on my phone was hacked into and I had to change everything so I’m a little bit leery about using my first name but hopefully through Sean’s website it is safe I pray the Lord that you’ll protect me and my name not so the hackers will find my name and try to hack back into my account I even had to change my cell phone number and wipe my phone completely new. So I lost everything even memorable pictures of my father before he passed!!! Please brother Sisters in Christ please pray for me for this is no joke the enemy is around me and upon me and wanting me to shut up my mouth about my belief in Christ Jesus I am going everywhere in the streets in the grocery stores to doctors offices wherever I go I speak about Jesus, and tell my testimony it is becoming a diction in my life and I cannot stop it and I will not stop it because what Christ Jesus has done for me no one has done for me and I am free today from the bondage of the sin and everything that went with the drugs for 26 years of my life. So once again please pray for me that the enemy will not hack into this account and I pray in the Name of Christ Jesus that God will bless all of you. But I have learned one thing at the ripe age of 44 almost 45, but everything happens for reasons. Remember all things work to The Good the ones who love Christ Jesus seek the Kingdom of Heaven first with all your heart mind soul and strength and everything shall be added unto you. So fight the good fight do not give up just like Paul says in Corinthians it’s not easy being a Christian and it’s very very difficult you got to remember one thing you got to give up everything, and hate this world and make God number one in your life above and beyond everything that you own and what you, choose to call for excitement in your life no more of those movies that are satanic, no more lukewarm churches or lukewarm Christian music which is all a bunch of garbage anyways. It’s time to stand up and be men and women of God where in the last days you know what I know it the government knows it. Just like Shawn knows as well as I do I’ve been searching this stuff out for years now! We as the United States of America and the world a****** are entering the Beast system it is here. A little information for you I won’t say much more, be advised as the next major catastrophic sing happens to the United States or around the world I believe Babylon the United States, the mark of the beast will be introduced so that we will all be classified as a Christians atheists or just regular citizens. This is Intel that I’ve gained from friends and different people who I know who work at Area 51 at Groom Lake in Las Vegas Nevada. This is no joke they call these things. Flags that happened they are delivered from the elite the Illuminati caused these things to happen to cause fear upon us so that we will get the mark of the beast to make us feel secure that the government will take care of us. Remember in Scripture it says if you do not work you do not eat. it does not say oh lay back in the government will take care of all your needs
    God bless all of you Constantine