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    Praying for the relief of pain and for you to be at peace! My mom has a lot of back issues and I understand how debilitating it can be!

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    He is the great Provider. Sometimes it’s just those small pieces that are only enough to get us through today and not enough to be gathered for tomorrow. Praying you see His provision in your life, that your hope is renewed and you’ll have wisdom on what steps to take next. 💗

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    I will be praying this burden is lifted from her!

  • I’d be interested to hear some viewpoints on the ceasing of sacrifices. I know many of you believe like my husband and I that the law is not irrelevant to us or done away with as is mainstream but some of my beliefs or arguments for following Torah don’t line up with the cessation of sacrifices. I mean CLEARLY (well in my eyes anyway) Jesus is our once for all sacrifice, our atonement for…Read More

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    Thanks Shawn! Your prayers were greatly appreciated!

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    Thanks Mike! We made it through with minimal damage, needing a new roof now but our home is standing and we are all safe and sound! We appreciate the prayers! So many others were impacted greatly here and of course Florida now! Heartbreaking!

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    Wow! I had never read that before! Thank you for sharing. My husband and I are trying to host a dinner for each appointed time and we invite those who are interested in learning more but maybe haven’t come to a full understanding. My husband prepares a short bible study to share that explains how the particular Holy Day relates to us currently and why we should still keep them. He’ll have…Read More

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    Please lift up all of us in South Texas in prayer! My family evacuated due to the hurricane. We suffered some relatively minor damages to our home, nothing in comparison to the devastation in other areas and the horrific flooding going on in Houston! We’re all in need of prayer down here! Prayers for mercy from God to stop the rain, prayers for peace amidst chaos, prayers that everyone…Read More

  • The fall feasts will mark one year that my family has been intentionally celebrating the Father’s appointed times (occasionally we celebrated with Torah Observant friends in the past but were not convicted). We have found so much blessing in partaking in this Holy Days and though we have much to learn we continue doing our best to celebrate. It became obvious to me that we were missing…Read More

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