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I recently listened to this interview on the “Hebrew Voices” podcast and I just found it to be so amazing and inspiring and informative. Especially as a person who is regularly looking into the Hebraic heritage of our Savior and the scriptures. I pray that the content blesses you as much as it has me. Shalom and God bless.

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Dr. Roy Blizzard’s website

Understanding the Difficult Words of Yeshua

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Understanding the Difficult Words of the New Testament, Nehemia Gordon talks with Dr. Roy Blizzard, a pioneer in understanding the Jewish roots of Yeshua. Dr. Blizzard explains how one momentous trip to Israel in 1966, turned his outlook on Christianity upside down and started him on a new path of discovery. Dr. Blizzard also shares what it was like to be one of the first excavators of the Temple mount, how we know Yeshua spoke Hebrew, and confirms the name of God is Yehovah.

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