Americans & The Western Church; UNPREPARED Spiritually, For What’s To Come

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The Christian Church in America is desperately unprepared for what is to come in the very near future. While this state of unpreparedness certainly includes the physical; food, water, gold, silver and etc. The unpreparedness that I’m referring to is a spiritual unpreparedness.

Christians seem to be very apathetic and quite frankly, severely ignorant about the things developing in this country and the growing hostility towards true biblical living. This is not a problem for most Christians because they simple don’t live biblicaly. They don’t walk in righteousness and holiness. They are not only unprepared to deal with the conditions of the world that are rapidly approaching, but even worse, they are not prepared to meet Christ. They are going to be caught off guard when tribulation and destruction hits and the Saviour appears.

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