Hordes of Locusts, Marching Plagues, and Strange Earth Changes – End Times News 02/04/2020

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Right now we are seeing all sorts of strange events around the world. Hordes of locusts, plagues marching through all of Asia, earthquakes, volcanoes, and extreme cold temperatures.

I’ve made the point before and I’ll make it again. The year 2020 is going to be a year for the record books. These events are ramping up and only getting stranger. The end-times just might be upon us.


S. L. Ozbun
Shawn L. Ozbun is an independent podcaster, author, and commentator of many biblical topics, most notably eschatology. Shawn is a student of the scriptures, ancient writings and biblical Hebrew language. Focused primarily on end times prophecy, biblical history, apocryphal text, and dead sea scroll documents. Most importantly, Shawn is passionate about delivering the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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