The separation of the Goats and Sheep – End of Days 02/20/2019

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Below you will find a link to the article that I discussed on today’s broadcast.

Goats In The Midst Of Sheep

Can you tell the difference between goats and sheep? Did you know that in some parts of the world they appear identical? It is not as clear cut as one would think by mere appearance at times. There is something troubling me as I observe our current situation in the church. I am not speaking of the world because many have given over to a debased mind and do not understand the truth. However, I see things within the church that cause me to weep for the bride of Christ. It is the willingness to browse and not graze in the spiritual sense. Allow me to explain what I mean because what I sense right now is a separation of the goats and the sheep within the church and a discernment to recognize what is of God and what is not. Continue Reading….

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