Why The King James Bible? (KJV)

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Why the King James Bible?

Why the King James Bible? In this podcast, I spoke extensively about why you should be using the King James Bible, and the dangers associated with many of today’s modern translations. In addition to my message above I have included several videos at the bottom of this post to help you understand at an even deeper level, why you should be using the King James Bible. I encourage you to watch them in order. Please do yourself and your walk with God a favor, and spend a few hours checking out this information. Do not make a decision on a subject until you have spent and dedicated the time to researching it. I estimate that I have between forty and fifty hours invested in this study. It may be even more. I use to be completely opposed to the King James only crowd. That was until I felt the Spirit of God pressing on me to look into it. Why the King James Bible? Because it’s the TRUE word of God! After you examine the evidence, I believe you will come to the same conclusion.

Strangely I’ve been praying and seeking God about this for quite some time now, and I believe in my spirit that I have received confirmation. As for me personally, I’m making a move back towards the King James Bible.

If your using the NIV, The Non Inspired Version”, I would strongly consider moving away from it. In the podcast episode above I site many reason for this. You will likely be, or at least you should be, disgusted to find out all the information surrounding the creation of the NIV and most other modern perversions of the Bible.

Why the King James Bible

The series you will see next is one of the most well done that I have seen on the subject of the King James Bible. It’s called “What’s the big deal about the KJV?”  Below is the first 2 videos.

The desire in making this film is to help Christians understand the importance of having a final authority and to find that authority in the time-honored King James Bible. While many helpful books have been written on the subject, today’s generation is still searching for answers. We hope this film will serve as a point of entry to the subject and foster a desire in the heart of the viewer to be able to say, “I believe the Bible I hold in my hand is the inspired Word of God!”. Click here for the entire playlist.

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