The Hebrew Book of Revelation: The Sons Name, Fathers Name and More

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This discovery has been a massive blessing to me and a huge eye opener. This is the very reason, I have spent so much time researching and learning the Hebrew language. I wanted to be able to look into manuscripts and see for myself the Fathers name, the Saviors name and much more.

I must thank Nehemia Gordon for not only this finding, but for making his discovery known and available to all of us. Not only will you find my video podcast on this subject, but I have included resources from Nehemia Gordon’s website, along with videos from “A rood Awakening“. I pray that this Hebrew version of the book of Revelation is as much of a blessing to you, as it was to me. Shalom and God bless.

Download the Hebrew text and English translation

View the Hebrew manuscript (turn to f.1v)

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