A Warning For The Comming Fall Months 2021

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I’ve been watching the trends for the last couple of months and what I’m seeing is pretty alarming. While I can only pray that I am wrong, I believe a new push of tyranny and nonsense is going to ramp up again within the next 30 – 90 days. I’m expecting a new push of fear to become more prominent in the media and I believe lockdowns, mandates, and restrictions are going to return with new vigor. I also believe that the powers to be will soon label Christians and conservative thinkers as the enemies and blame us and our refusal to comply with their overreaches for the new outbreaks and variants.

I’m sharing all of this via email and the blog on the website as opposed to my podcast and YouTube channel because the cancel culture and censorship are also ramping up to an all-time high.

I tell you all of this, not to create fear, but to create prayer. We must seek God and pray for our communities and pray God will cripple the evil plans of the wicked. May they fall into their own traps, may God’s remnant prosper, and may the Kingdom of God move forward with great power and a renewed strength.

Below are a few links to demonstrate the trend I have been expecting for the last couple of months.

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HERE WE GO AGAIN: Las Vegas officials join other cities now recommending masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status

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