Shalom! (שלום) and welcome to the “Biblical & Modern Hebrew Basics” for beginners!

It’s very simple. The bible was written in Hebrew and if we are going to understand Elohim’s word more deeply and clearly, then we are going to need to have some understanding of the Biblical Hebrew Language. The goal of this guide is not to teach you Biblical Hebrew. The goal of this guide is to point you in the right direction and get you started down the path of learning biblical Hebrew.

Below you will find links to the training videos are that are currently available. Please remember to NOT SHARE this link or the video links with anyone else, as this page is only for supporters of the podcast, such as yourself! As supporters you will be given early access to all videos, and even access to some that may never become public. Shalom, God bless, and may these teachings bless you.

  1. The Introduction: Biblical / Modern Hebrew Basics for Beginners
  2. The Hebrew Aleph Bet #1: Biblical / Modern Hebrew Basics For Beginners
  3. The Hebrew Aleph Bet #2 / The Name of God (YHVH) Found In Hebrew Revelation: Biblical / Modern Hebrew Basics For Beginners
  4. The Hebrew Aleph Bet #3 – The Complete Aleph Bet and Final Forms

  5. Hebrew Word Study אדם (Adam) & Beginner Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary #1

  6. Learning Hebrew with Duolingo: A Basic Tutorial
Aleph Bet Song