Don’t be a lazy Christian

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Often I’ll get comments sent to me, complaining that I dare to declare that a man’s work for the Lord is not only important but necessary. Wasn’t it James who said, “faith without works is dead.” Even the devils believe and tremble.”

Yes it’s true, works do not save us. Only faith in Messiah can do that, only the blood of Messiah can cover our sins. Our work for the Lord, our desire for His word, for His kingdom, for His law, is the evidence that we are indeed in the faith. Many will stand before the Lord with nothing to show. They did nothing for the kingdom. They didn’t lead a single soul to Christ. They did absolutely nothing with the talents they were given. There is no oil in their lamps, they did not think ahead or dare consider the fact that the master expects anything of them. They were lazy and wicked servants. As a result, They will sadly hear the words, I never knew you and be cast into outer darkness. This is according to Jesus, not according to me. Just go read Matthew chapter 25, or listen to the study below.

Your actions, your works do in fact matter, because they demonstrate what you truly believe in your heart.

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