Passover 2020: Could This Be the Year of the Nex Great Exodus?

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Could This Be the Year of the Next Great Exodus? With the historical events which have already transpired in 2020, what does it mean for this year’s Feast of Passover as it relates to God’s appointed times? 

For the first time, since the very first passover in Egypt, all of God’s people will be celebrating with just their immediate family, quarantined inside their homes to avoid a plague! There will be no church passover gatherings, large seders, or synagogue gatherings. Even Israel, just like America and most the rest of the world, is under lockdown, stay-at-home orders. Essential travel only. Again I ask, could this be the year of the next great exodus?

Below is a FREE E-book discussing Passover for the year 2020, which I believe is turning out to be a very prophetic and interesting time. Maybe even an appointed time and it deserves our attention.

P.S. Keep in mind, my intention is to raise questions and get you thinking, not to make firm predictions!

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