Aliens, UFOs, Genetic Modification, & Prophetic Dreams – End Times News 08/16/2023

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It’s getting weird out there and the greatest deception ever placed upon humanity is just around the corner. Here’s a hint, It will likely involve UFOs and little grey men. This may seem like something out of a sci-fi movie, but there is no doubt that the hearts and minds of humanity are being prepared for such a deception and this preparation has been happening for decades through film, TV, and other forms of media.

According to End of The American Dream,

I definitely understand that this is a topic that a lot of people don’t want to talk about. If there really are “non-human” creatures flying around in the skies above us, that is a really big deal. What are their intentions? Are they hostile? Most people have enough problems without having to consider such things. For a long time, the U.S. government worked exceedingly hard to suppress legitimate information about the UFO phenomenon, but now there has been a dramatic reversal. All sorts of extremely shocking things are being revealed to the public during congressional hearings, and that is something that never would have been allowed in the old days.

I personally don’t believe there are literal aliens flying around in spaceships and that the government is somehow hiding them. However, I do believe that genetic manipulation of human beings has been going on for decades and that eventually, they could roll one of these demonic creations out in front of the public and call them aliens from another galaxy. Sadly, I believe the public, even many who claim to be Christian, will buy into the lies without giving it a second thought. The last three years have demonstrated that in general, the public will comply with just about anything when given just a little pressure and fear.

In today’s podcast, I go over these issues including sharing a couple of weird dreams I’ve had over the last couple weeks that I think could potentially be prophetic in nature.

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