Church! Return To Righteousness! Come Out of Your Apostasy!

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The 10 commandments have been kicked out of our government buildings, our schools, and our universities. This has been going on for many, many years, for a generation. Even prayer has been removed from school. Not only have God’s commands been removed, but our schools, government officials, organizations, our universities have completely embraced occultism and satanic practices. Everything evil is now called good, and everything good, wholesome and family oriented is now considered evil.

However, this fact is not what bothers me most. Society rejecting God and the things of God, that doesn’t shock me. What’s most disturbing, is the Church today has also removed God’s commandments and embraced occultism and satanic practices.

The Church today teaches, do what you want! Be tolerant towards evil, after all, it’s the loving thing to do, they say.

God’s commandments are for the Jews, that’s Old Testament. God doesn’t care about that anymore, just be our societies approximation of loving. Meaning of course to embrace, tolerate and even celebrate every form of wickedness. Not only tolerating it, but allow it within the Church. Welcoming it in, allowing it in the children’s ministries, allowing it in the pulpit. This is what love looks like they say, this is what it means to be a Christian they say.

I wonder, if the remnant of God’s people in this country isn’t much smaller then we all realize. I wonder if a large majority, let’s say 90% or more of Americans, who call themselves Christians, are on the wide road straight to hell. Is that possible? How many of them have never really believed, never really worked out their salvation with fear and trembling, as the scriptures instruct. (Philippians 2:12)

Post image taken from a lecture by Dr. Michael Lake – The lecture is posted below

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