The Apostasy, The Abomination of Desolation & Genetic Tampering – End Times News 12/05/2018

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On today’s broadcast we cover a range of topics from the last days Apostasy, to the Abomination of Desolation, to the Nephlim and genetic tampering. I pray that this broadcast blesses you and convinces you of the times that we are very clearly living in. The return of Christ is near. Are your ready? Do you know Him?

Below you will find links to articles discussed on today’s broadcast.

Designer baby steps: World’s first ‘gene-edited’ children born in China
DNA Tests Were Performed On The Three-Fingered Nephilim Mummies Found In Peru, And The Results Were Shocking
Farmer’s goat gives birth to ‘half-pig half-human’ creature sparking curse fears
Disturbing Prophetic Dream: ‘I Saw Many Ministers and Prophets in Hell’

Below you will find the video from where the audio clip was pulled. I must warn you. While I enjoy many of the videos this creator makes, I should point out that I am complete disagreement with the so called “Mandela Effect” pushed in this video and many of this creators recent works. However, I must site where I found  the audio clip that you heard at the end of the show.

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