What Is The Weekly Torah Portion?

Torah Daily #1: Bereishis (Genesis) Chapter 1, ArtScroll Tanach Review 08/14/2017

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Welcome to a new series that I’m adding to “Scripture and Prophecy.

The plan is not to answer all the possible questions. The goal is to raise questions! To cause us all to ponder and to think in a deeper way about God’s word, his son, and his message. My hope is you will walk away from these studies with a deeper love for God’s word, his Torah, and his ways. Honestly I hope you walk away with more questions then answers. Deep questions that will cause you study, pray and to connect with God in a much more intimate way. The goal is also to provide a better Hebraic understanding of the scriptures and traditions, so that we can hopefully combine them with our knowledge of Yeshua and his words and come to the most complete understanding possible.

This is not about Jews vs Christians, or a Jewish perspective verses over a western perspective about God and His word. This is about the truth and bringing all this knowledge together for a better understanding of the Word and of God himself.

Maybe you’re here and you are a believer in Yeshua and your saying to yourself, I don’t like this, I don’t want to hear all these Jewish ideas and commentary. My question to you is simply this. Why? Are you not aware that all scripture was written at the hands of Jews, including the new covenant scriptures? Are you not aware that Yeshua, Jesus himself was a Jewish Rabbi who was flawlessly obedient to the Torah?

Maybe your Jewish, and you’re here because the title is “Torah Portion Daily” and your thinking to yourself, I don’t want to hear all these Christian ideas and commentary. Why? What are you afraid of? Are you afraid you might be convicted or tempted to believe in Yeshua Jesus? Can anyone listen to the reading of the Torah and not be blessed? Is such a thing possible? I encourage you all to stick around and open up your hearts and allow God to speak to you. Baruk Atah HaShem.


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