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Torah Portion – Week 1 – B’reisheet (In The Beginning): Genesis 1–6:8

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Torah Portion Week 1 – B’reisheet (In The Beginning)

Portion Summary from TorahPortions.org

“The scroll of the Torah is the oldest and most sacred of all Israel’s Scriptures. It contains five books. The Hebrew name for the first one is B’reisheet. It is also the first word of the book in the Hebrew text, as well as the name for the first parasha (the first week’s reading). B’reisheet means “in the beginning.” The English name Genesis comes from the Septuagint (LXX), the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible. Genesis means “origins.” Therefore, the Greek name for the first book of the Bible means “The Book of Origins.” Genesis describes the origins of everything. It begins with the origins of the universe, focuses on the origins of man and then explores the origins of the nation of Israel. As we study the first week’s reading from the book of Genesis, we will learn a great deal about God, but even more about ourselves. After all, this is the story of our origins. When properly understood, the story of our origin helps us find our destination.”

Torah Portion Week 1: Genesis 1-6:8
Prophets Portion Week 1: Isaiah 42:5–43:10

Portion Outline from TorahPortions.org


  • Genesis 1:1 | Six Days of Creation and the Sabbath
  • Genesis 2:4 | Another Account of the Creation
  • Genesis 3:1 | The First Sin and Its Punishment
  • Genesis 4:1 | Cain Murders Abel
  • Genesis 4:17 | Beginnings of Civilization
  • Genesis 5:1 | Adam’s Descendants to Noah and His Sons
  • Genesis 6:1 | The Wickedness of Humankind
  • Genesis 6:9 | Noah Pleases God


  • Isaiah 42:1 | The Servant, a Light to the Nations
  • Isaiah 42:10 | A Hymn of Praise
  • Isaiah 42:21 | Israel’s Disobedience
  • Isaiah 43:1 | Restoration and Protection Promised
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