These Are The Times We’ve Been Called For

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One day I hope to stand before the Savior and hear the sweet words, “well done, good and faithful servant.” (Mat 25:23) I hope to show Him I’ve made the most of the talents He’s provided me. I want to be the servant who has multiplied these talents tenfold and not as one who buried his talent in the ground thinking his master to be harsh. (Mat 25:24) I want to know that I have exhausted all, given all that I have to give, holding nothing back.

So many of us, we hide away in our homes. We have many opinions and very little action. We say to ourselves, what’s the point?! The world is burning down around us, why bother?!

It matters much! We are called to be a light in the darkness. It is in these darkened times, we should shine the brightest. How can we then hide our light under a bowl? (Mat 5:15)

Yes, we are living in strange times. And I agree, these could be the very end of days. However, if that be the case, then we are blessed! God has chosen us to be the remnant during the most anticipated and prophesied time in human history. May we embrace our calling, pick up our cross and follow Him in such a way, that our light shines bright and brings hope to a world in chaos.

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