Changes Coming For The Scripture and Prophecy Podcast 01/20/2022

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Greetings, friends, podcast listeners, and supporters. I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for your support, encouragement, and prayers over these last seven years as I’ve given my best attempt to share the Gospel and call as many as would listen to a deeper and more intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father and His son and our Saviour, Jesus. What started as a small alternative news podcast in 2014 has blossomed and grown over the years into a passion and work for the Kingdom of God, of which I could have never imagined. With that said, I’ve had to grow, change and adapt over the years and that is even more true as of recent, with the direction the world is heading and the constant battle with censorship.

Therefore, I will have to get better at the branding side of things, which admittedly I have ignored over the last few years because I have no desire to market, only to study, teach and share the scriptures. This just isn’t good enough. With that said, I am making some changes in how I present the podcast online to make it easier to find and more accessible for new listeners and, more importantly, new believers who are seeking help in understanding their Bibles. To start with, I have updated the podcast name by removing “Truth fed” from the title. It will now simply be called Scripture and Prophecy. I have also updated the artwork with hopes of making it more clear that this is a podcast and blog dedicated to the diligent study of the Word of God. I hope to make other improvements as the year moves forward, and Lord willing, even replace the website with a cleaner look that is easier to use. This will develop as time and funds permit.

PLEASE NOTE: These changes will in no way affect the content of the podcast episodes. As the LORD leads, we will continue our three days per week. Monday is dedicated to wisdom and encouragement from the Psalms, Wednesday is dedicated to the Gospels or Epistles, and Friday is dedicated to the Torah or Prophets.

I would be greatly blessed if you would be willing to pray for the podcast and that God would give me wisdom, courage, and direction as we move forward with the mission of truth amid these new and hostile environments.

Peace and grace be upon you all. God bless.

S.L. Ozbun

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S. L. Ozbun
Shawn L. Ozbun is an independent podcaster, author, and commentator on many biblical topics. Shawn is a student of the scriptures, ancient writings, Dead Sea Scrolls, and biblical Hebrew language. Above all, Shawn is passionate about furthering the Kingdom of God, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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