Come and see! John Chapter 1 devotional 01/02/2017

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Come and see!

In the first chapter of the Gospel of John we see Philip approaching his friend Nathanael proclaiming, he has found the Christ, and he is Jesus of Nazareth. Nathanael quickly responds by asking if any good could possible come from Nazareth. Now at this point you might expect Philip to get out his notes or pull up his favorite website for Christian apologetics. Instead, Philip simply responds by saying, “come and see.” So many times we find ourselves going into debate mode, or feeling like we have to argue our counterpart into submission when it comes to faith in Jesus. Maybe instead of trying to debate someone into belief, the best action is to simply invite them to experience Jesus for themselves. Jesus uses this exact same approach a few verses before Philip approaches Nathanael. In verses 35-39, two would-be disciples approached Jesus and asked him where He dwellest? His response was simple. “Come and see.”

Very few people if any, can encounter the son of God, experience the Christ and not believe. In many cases, it’s because of their bad experience with other Christians or church which has caused them to keep faith in Jesus at arm’s length.

Maybe today, avoid the debate and just ask them to come see for themselves.

God bless.

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